SCV Import & Domestic Specialist Reviews
Had my car towed here, but ultimately it went to the dealer to fix a warranty issue. Henry helped diagnose the issue and sent me on my way without charge. Very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend.
Brendan M.

My wife and I brought our cars to this place on a recommendation from a friend.  It has turned out to be the best autoshop we have ever used in our fifteen years living in this area. Highly recommended.
Stacy U.

You cannot find a more honest, skilled and reliable repair shop in the Santa Clarita Valley.  After a bad (and costly) repair experience with Frontier Toyota, I vowed to find a quality mechanic that could keep my car in top shape.  Once I found Henry and SCV Import & Domestic Auto Repair, I haven’t looked back.  He just did a MAJOR overhaul of my 1995 Toyota Camry – shocks, struts, timing belt, etc., etc. – the works.  For what I paid, it would have only been an “ok” down payment on a used vehicle.  Instead, I’m driving what feels like a new car and the best part is no monthly car payment.  I’ll probably be driving this car for another 3-4 years, at least.

Seriously, if you need repairs, go to Henry @ SCV.  He understands what it means to build and maintain a small business.  It’s called integrity.  Oh, I should mention that when he finished my repairs, he power-washed the engine, washed the car and ArmorAll’d my tires, in addition to fixing the mechanism on my hood that keeps it propped up (at no cost).  I’ve been a loyal and valued customer and that’s how he showed his appreciation.  Henry’s work and his word are golden.  This is an OUTSTANDING repair shop.

Karen L.

I have been here several times and the service is great, highly recommend this autoshop to anyone needing a good repair on their car.  They only repair what is needed and make recomendations on future repairs. No pressure, no hassles….
Elvia L.

SCV Import and Domestic did a great job replacing the timing belt on our latest addition – an Audi A4.  This was no easy task but as usual, completed to perfection!
Darrin T.

THE BEST AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR SPECIALIST SHOP IN SANTA CLARITA VALLEY!!!!  Honest, reliable, skilled, knowledgeable, confident in their work, and great customer service is hard to find in a automotive repair shop, but Henry and his skilled mechanics is what they are and they do a mighty fine job at it. My wife and I have been going to SCV import for the last 11 years with our Toyota and Nissan cars. They do the job right the first time. I have highly recommended SCV import to family and friends for years now and will continue for many years to come. Keep up the good work guys and thank you!!!!
Ruben P.

So thankful I had a work colleague recommend SCV to me when I feared I had blown my engine in my Ford Aerostar. Henry of SCV was able to diagnose my engine, change my spark plug wires, and have my van running as good as new for less than $200. He has worked on all of my cars, including a 1997 Mitsubishi Spyder Eclipse that was inoperable when I brought it to him. He was able to get it up and running great for much less than I had anticipated. Henry, the owner of SCV, is honest, to the point, and keeps you assessed if needed. It is so nice to have a auto repair shop where you can know you are being treated fairly. That is what you can expect from SCV Imports!
Ron J.